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Why We Are Betting Big on Bots at Teke Teke

Later this week we will be launching our first chatbot for Facebook Messenger. Many more chatbots will be available in future. We have a Teke Teke bot planned for Telegram next week. We will be on more platforms soon, from Slack to Skype to Line to HipChat and Viber.   We want to be where you are

It seems bots are all the rage these days. The term conversational commerce is all the buzz this year. And for good reason.

WhatsApp has 1 billion users. Telegram has 150m. Skype has 300 million. People initially complained about having to install a separate chat app but in the end Facebook Messenger's users more than tripled to 900m. Already smartphone users are spending a lot more time on their messaging apps than they do on social networks.

Bots are a new paradigm. It is about finding people where they are.

You do not need to install yet another app. You are good as things stand. Just text the bot. This makes for a frictionless service for our customers. You get to use tools and apps you already like and are familiar with. You do not have to Install Yet Another App (TM) and Sign Up For Yet Another Service (TM). In addition our Teke Teke chatbot would let our customers know where their food or package is in the delivery process. Finding out where your food is will be as easy as "Where is my food?". You will get to rate your Teke Teke courier via a chat with the chatbot too!

Your entire user experience with Teke Teke will feel a bit like a chat with a pleasant delivery obsessed friend. The TekeTeke experience is simply coming to you where you are. Placing an order, requesting pick up and delivery will be as simple as sending text message to Teke Teke.

We also absolutely love what having a bot does for accessibility. We like that all our customers now have an even more accesible way to use our service.

Bots aren't that new. They have been with us for a while. The reason bots will win this time is because we have become better at turning natural language into structured data. Advances in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing are about to usher in a very exciting era.

In the future we will interact a lot differently with our computers than we do today. We will walk into houses and tell the lights to come on. We will tell our kettles to brew us a cup of tea while we go into the bedroom to change. Anyone who grew up watching Dexter on Cartoon Network can relate.

Chatbots and conversation as UI are a first step in this direction. We are confident we are the first of many Kenyan startups to take this bold step.

3 May 2016 12:04:30