About Us


We are an on demand delivery service that is all about sharing

Teke Teke   is an on demand delivery platform with a social twist. We like to think of ourselves as a social network. A courier company without a fleet. Instead of having a list of employees to send out to make runs, we use a network of ‘Teke Tekees’. Teke Tekees are people with a little time on their hands, people with free lunch breaks, idle taxis or taxis on their return trips.

We connect our users to the delivery agent nearest to them. The client gets their needs met and the agent gets to make an extra shilling on the side.Whether you want flowers delivered to a hospital, you are at home but want meat delivered from a particular butchery or someone who wants us to shop for a particular item.

We have Teke Tekees on foot, motorbikes, cars, cabs and even on mats.

In short, We connect you with people who are where you need them to be and heading to where you want them to go. Now you can deliver anything, anywhere,anytime.

And you get to share your deliveries and gifts on your Teke Teke timeline so you can gloat about that cool gift you just received or the ice cream your boyfriend sent you. Plus maximum bragging rights about that cool device you just one upped your buddies to get. And your friends don't have to take your word for it, Teke Teke can back it up. Think of us as a blockchain for gifts and giving.

We are soon launching a mobile phone application that connects people by making known their needs and their physical location.

A large network of clients, suppliers and delivery agents that can connect with the click of a button.

Getting started with our service is as easy as saying "I am here. I need something delivered."